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Hi Ladies!

My name is Bettina, a twenty-something who finally jumped and now finds herself living in Munich, one of the most beautiful and biggest cities Germany has to offer [currently celebrating its founding 855 years ago!]. It was in fact a big jump for me, since I grew up in a village and right before moving to Munich I was living in rural area [again]. My taste for bigger cities was basically created when I had moved out for college, a time that allowed me to experience life in three different places around Europe.

However, there is still a significant amount of country girl in me, hence I’ll probably walk the line on a few occasions ;)

Although the similarities might jump up and down in blinding neon colors right in front of your asking or suspecting views – this is not going to be a dull wannabe-SATC-copy. While I enjoy the occasional SATC show/movie night, I’m not a glitter-pinkish-things-loving-permanently-giggling-kind of girl young woman. I do enjoy a good wine and the beautiful things in life, but am so not a size zero [life is way too short for that!], I’m also opinionated and partly judgmental, as well as usually a happy person, fast talking, coffee loving, aspiring PR professional with a thing for reading in my fluffly green armchair on rainy Sunday afternoons.

This blog is going to be my personal playground, which means all opionions here are very private, the pictures are mine unless explicitely presented otherwise and as well as the texts may not be reproduced without my written consent.


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